NVRAM (non-volatile RAM) is the place where the permanent settings are stored. This includes

  • DD-WRT settings that you normally change using Web Interface
  • settings for user Startup Scripts

You can run the following commands using Command Line:

  • Show the whole NVRAM content:
  nvram show
  • Show NVRAM content containing the pattern <search_pattern> (useful for quickly finding things in NVRAM):
  nvram show | grep <search_pattern>

Replace <replace_pattern> with what you are actually looking for. This can simply be a word or a regular expression

  • Show value of a certain variable:
  nvram get <variable_name>
  • Change variable value in RAM only:
  nvram set <variable_name>="<value>"

Now you can play with the new settings or test user scripts but this new value will be lost after reboot unless you do nvram commit.

  • Save all changed variables to NVRAM:
  nvram commit

Reboot the router for new settings in NVRAM to go into effect.

Link: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Hardware

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